We are nerds. We are squares. We are obsessed. We are driven to create. You’ve seen their work; you’ve seen their names. But have you romped with glee through the ripe orchards of their minds? The hope for this podcast is to pick the fruits of... ok enough of that metaphor. We just want to have some fun. Have some conversations and talk about process, background and journey. I strongly believe that it is our lives beyond our career that influence our work the most. And the best. (That’s a sentence!)


Episode #6: Worth the Wait!

In this episode we had the chance to talk to the man, the myth, and the legend… Luke Sullivan! He is THEE MAN when it comes to copywriting and the advertising world in general. There are about 451 things I could glean from this episode, which I wish now I knew when I was starting out in the ‘biz’.

He was a total delight to talk with; frank, warm and thoughtful. And to you Luke THANKS!

P.S. The other voice that says about three words is just GK3 aka George-a-booey. He was there but he was in shock the entire time and therefore was unable to add anything to the show.

So in closing… If I were you I would definitely:



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